My 3 doctors that Healed me from Dis-ease, helped me rock a fit body, & how YOU can have them help you too

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No professional could figure out the answer to what was causing my stomach pains all my life.  At age 20, physicians finally gave it a name: Crohn’s Disease.  By definition, Crohn’s is ‘an autoimmune disorder where the body begins attacking itself and the intestines become inflamed; there is no known cause or cure.’

Pain is an opportunity. Wisdom is healed pain.

I am thankful for those experiences, because it pushed me.

It pushed me deep enough to find my own healing & prove that ‘impossible’ & ‘incurable’ was possible.  It pushed me to realize that I still had power over my health, that I could attain my dream fit body and continue to live a healthy long life.

The National Institute of Health reported that 60 to 70 million people are currently affected by a digestive disease. Disease-free simply means absence of symptoms. During times of my life when I am actively engaged with my personal 3 doctors, my medical doctor has told me that ‘no Crohn’s Disease is present.’ That is the most relieving thing to hear!


Each and every one of us is susceptible to some kind of dis-ease. I’m so happy to share with you my 3 personal doctors that keep me symptom-free & living life with enhanced fitness, health & joy. We have more power than we think over our health.

Doctor 1- Exercise (Working Out)

To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.

Gene Tunney

Working out (wisely, must I say) is one of my 3 doctors.  With the body we each have been given, ‘if we don’t use it, we lose it’.   Working out generates heat & expends calories. It greatly strengthens our body. Resistance training & weight bearing is the key method in strengthening our muscles as well as bones, while cardio is the key method in strengthening our heart. When done properly, exercise can help to enhance our range of motion & minimize our susceptibility to functional injuries.   Overall, we become a stronger, efficient energy-producing machine.  We are all unique, and so, different styles work for different people. There is no excuse to visit with this doctor on a normal basis. We can engage in fitness classes, invest in workout instructional DVD’s, or watch free ones online. The benefits of hiring a qualified personal trainer include motivation, safety, progress consistency, accountability, efficiency, educational investment and individualization, just to name a few.

Doctor 2 – Nutrition

‘Let Food Be Thy Medicine’ Hippocrates

Are we starving in a land of plenty? Society’s waistlines have been increasing while still so deficient in essential nutrients. A quality personalized nutrition plan will help us maximize our nutrient intake so we can experience less pain and more vitality.  Inflammation of a joint like tendinitis, has been referred to as ‘chronic wear and tear’. Have we ever thought to consider that long-term inflammation in our body happens because of wear and ‘lack of repair’? Quality nutrition is master repairman.  With the right foods, we can heal and we can optimize our performance. Through the help of nutrition, each organ in our body begins running optimally.  When all of our systems are running efficiently and correctly, we become naturally fat burning machines. We experience less pain and more of what we actually long for – ease. I consult with many in finding the optimal nutritional program that’s most beneficial for them. Each nutritional program is as unique as the person themselves.

Doctor 3 – Spirit (Working In)

“We train our physical muscles so we can move easily; we train our spiritual muscles so we can sit still easily.” ~ Marianne Williamson

Working out and expending energy is crucial for attaining strength and personal physique goals.  At the same time, working in is a wise practice that I have found to be of equal importance.  Working in means rebalancing energy to optimize it again.  Many practices fall under this category. Examples include yoga, tai chi, journal writing, prayer and meditation, to name a few.  What are some of your work in exercises that help you regenerate and rebuild energy from the inside?

My dedication is in transforming lives from the inside out.  These are the core 3 doctors that I help my all of clients get to know at a personal level in attaining greater health and superior fitness. It has been a phenomenal experience seeing clients who have suffered dis-ease labels like hypothyroidism, depression, adrenal fatigue, Type 2 Diabetes completely transform their health & fitness. This is the driving force of my calling as a master trainer.  Contact me for a consult on how we can revisit your 3 doctors for complete wholeness, wellness and fitness.

Yours in fitness, health & life,

Stefanie Basso


1. Inflammation is ‘wear and:  A.  tear  B.  despair’  C.  lack of repair’

Answer: C

2.  The benefits of hiring a qualified trainer include all of the following except: A.  Accountability  B.  Spoon feeding  C.  educational investment  D.motivation

Answer: B

3.  According to the National Institute of Health, what is the current estimate how many suffer from digestive disease?  A.  10 million  B.  70 million   C.  100 million  D.  1 billion

Answer: B

Share a tip! What is your favorite ‘work in’ exercise that helps you rebalance, restore & regenerate your energy?

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