‘What? Blueberries are BAD for me??!’

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The most valuable nutrition tool that could decode the foods that are causing YOU dis-ease and thwarting your weight loss efforts

It’s called a Food Antibody Assessment, introduced to me for the first time in 34 years.  It’s alarming how not 1 medical doctor had suggested this test to me in 14 the Crohn’s Disease diagnosis.  A holistic physician enlightened me on this crucial piece of the wholeness puzzle.  

You get your blood drawn.  Then, every food from all food groups are tested to see how your body’s defense systems react to it.   It’s not so much an allergy test….though, what it does show, is, if you eat those foods often, they will do your health harm in the long run.   The goal is to minimize intake of your personal aggravating foods so that the body can optimally heal & regenerate.   

IgG factor was first tested.  This reveals what foods, when eaten, negatively affects my immune system in general.  A lot of foods were high in my IgG measurements.  No coincidence that Crohn’s Disease is labeled an autoimmune disease, or, a disease where the body attacks itself for unknown reasons.  Foods high in my IgG, to name a few, are sugar, wheat, celery and mushrooms.    

The 2nd factor, IgA factor, was then tested.  This reveals what foods, when eaten, negatively affects my intestinal gut lining.  Did you know that your gut lining is a very important line of defense in the body?  The more the foods that affect your IgA factor are consumed, the more it aggravates the gut lining.  Many know this condition as ‘leaky gut’.  When our gut barrier is leaky and lining thin, substances pass through it and into our systems.  Our body then recognizes them as foreign invaders.  It begins a cascade of reactions and unpleasant health symptoms, and long term, a complete crummy health downfall.  

I found that for my IgA factor, blueberries were extremely high.  This made complete sense as to why I often felt lower energy and sometimes had the runs soon after drinking a protein shake with blended blueberries in it!    

Overall, the test results really confirmed much of what I have intuitively felt.  When we are present with our bodies, we can feel which specific foods don’t do us good.  Listen to those signs for the sake of your health and in taking care of your machine. I am in no way saying that blueberries are bad for you.  My message is to enlighten you on the bigger picture in health.  Maybe going vegan, gluten-free or organic is not the answer.  We are more unique than we realize and there is no one diet fits all.   Explore your personal genetic code and fuel your body the way it needs.    


Yours in fitness, health & life,

Stefanie Basso

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